Parking Meters & Pay Stations

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All parking is $1.50 per hour for those hours designated on the Parking Meters and Pay Station machines.  Annual parking permits are available at the City’s Utility Billing office at City Hall.   When you display a current City parking permit in your vehicle, you do not have to pay at parking meters or pay stations.  

When do you charge for parking?
The City has 6 primary parking areas near the beach.  Click Here for Beach Maps.

Camino Capistrano: Meters 9am - 6pm
North Beach:   Lot and Meters  9am - 6pm
Linda Lane:   Meters  10am - 5pm
Parque Del Mar/Pier Bowl:   Lots  10am - 5pm,  Meters  10am - 5pm
Esplanade/T-Street:    Meters  9am - 7pm
Calafia (on street near State Park Entrance):   Meters  9am - 6pm  

Can I park on residential streets to use the beach?   Yes, but there are areas that restrict parking during specific times (Montalvo, Lobeiro and the south end of town).  Also many streets have restricted parking during specific days of the month for street sweeping.  These streets are clearly marked with appropriate signs.  

Metrolink Parking.   Monday - Friday selected spaces near the Metolink station at North Beach provide commuter parking for $1 per day.  You must arrive between 4:00 am and 9:00 am, and must park in the designated spaces.  After 9:00 am, the cost reverts back to the $1.50 per hour rate.  

All Pay Stations are now equipped to take credit cards, as well as coins and dollar bills.  Pay Stations are located near the beach at select parking lots with numbered parking spaces.  There are 2 at the Pier Bowl, 2 at Linda Lane, and 3 at North Beach.  

How do the Pay Stations work?   Make a note of your parking space number and go to one of the seven automated Pay Station machines.  The machines accept bills up to $10. Carefully read the instructions to make sure you pay only for the amount of time you plan to be parked in the space.  Time starts from when you pay the machine.  

Is there a grace period for expired meters?   No.  When time is expired the violation flag goes up.  All lots are patrolled at the hours specified above and there are no exceptions.  

What if a meter is defective?  A "Failed" flag will appear if the meter detects an error.  You will not be charged for a defective meter.  

If you encounter a broken or malfunctioning meter or pay station, contact the Maintenance Services Division by email at or by phone at (949) 361-8317.

If you believe you were charged incorrectly and would like to request a refund, please contact the Parking Meter Technician by email at or by phone at (949) 361-8346