Beach Questions

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  • Do you have any beach concessions?

    The following are privately contracted concessions serving beach patrons located at: North Beach, just south of the pier, on the pier (3 concessions), and T-Street. Please call for hours of operation.

    Fisherman’s Bar & Restaurant – (949) 498-6390
    The Crab Pot Restaurant and Beach Eatery – (949) 498-6390
    T-Street Surfer – (949) 492-2205
  • What is illegal on San Clemente beaches?

    Following is a summary of some of the main laws that apply to City Beaches. For a complete list of laws, please contact the City Clerk at (949) 361-8301. For specific questions, please contact the Marine Safety Division at (949) 361-8219.

    The following are prohibited on San Clemente beaches:
    • Consumption of alcohol or possession of opened alcohol beverages 
    • Smoking
    • Dogs
    • Glass containers
    • Public nudity
    • Amplified sound
    • Motorized vehicles
    • Overnight camping
    • Jumping or diving from the pier
    • Removal of sand from beach or digging holes greater than two feet
    • Overhead casting on the pier
    • Any activity deemed dangerous to the public (typically on crowded days) can be prohibited at the lifeguard’s discretion.
    • Riding of bicycles on the asphalt area extending north and south of the base of the pier at any time. Riding of bicycles is prohibited on the Beach Trail between the Pier and the wooden bridge at Trafalgar Canyon from June 15 through Labor Day.

  • Are fires or barbeques allowed on the beach?

    Fires are allowed in self contained barbeques (off of the sand) or fire pits only. Please dispose of hot coals in fire rings only, not in trash cans since this can start fires
  • I've heard about wheelchairs that can go on the sand. Do you have any for public use?

    Yes! There are two “beach wheelchairs" at Marine Safety Headquarters for public use (free of charge). Please call (949) 361-8219 to make reservations (highly recommended).
  • What hours are the beaches and pier open?

    San Clemente beaches and pier are open from 4:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight. 
  • How much does it cost to park at the Beach? When and where do you charge?

    All parking is $1.50 per hour for those hours designated on the back of the meters. Annual parking permits are available at the Utility Billing Counter at City Hall.

    The City has 6 primary parking areas near the beach:
    - Calafia (On street near State Park Entrance), metered: 9am – 6pm
    - Camino Capistrano (Poche), metered: 9am – 6pm
    - North Beach, metered: 9am-6pm
    - Linda Lane, metered: 10am-5pm
    - Pier Bowl, metered: 10am-5pm
    - T-Street, metered: 9am-7pm