Beaches, Parks & Recreation

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The Beaches, Parks and Recreation Department oversees 324 acres of recreational space including 23 parks, 25.9 miles of hiking trails and 2 miles of public beaches, as well as a 133 acre award-winning golf course. The Department consists of the Administration, Golf, and Recreation divisions, and operates several key community resources and historic facilities, offers a wide range of enriching programs, services, and community special events that contribute to the quality of life in San Clemente. From our famous pier and beaches, to our beautiful inland trails and hillsides, the department strives to serve the community's needs while helping to celebrate and preserve the many truly unique and special qualities that make San Clemente such an outstanding place to live, work and play.

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The Recreation Division promotes health, wellness, and quality of life through services and programs that strengthen a sense of place and community, promote cultural unity, and facilitate neighborhood and community problem solving. The Division develops and implements a variety of recreation programs and events for the community, coordinates City services for community partnered events, collaborates with community organizations to acquire funding and resources for programs, provides exceptional customer service to residents, and facilitates appropriate use of public facilities and parks through permit processes. The Division offers an average of 2,500 classes per year, coordinates 45 City and partnered special events, and administers 17,000 rental and program bookings at public facility, park, ball field, and beach locations.


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The Golf Division operates and maintains the 133 acre San Clemente Municipal Golf Course which averages 90,000 rounds played per year. The Division provides residents and visitors of San Clemente with a well maintained, sustainable, and financially self sufficient golf course for public recreation. Golf provides recreational golf opportunities, maintains the golf course at level B during peak season, and administer the pro-shop and food and beverage concessions.
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Administration Division provides support, direction and oversight to Recreation and Golf Divisions with an emphasis on community needs, environmental conservation, conserving historic facilities, providing enriching programs and special community events, and service to the public in an enjoyable and safe manner.