Street Repairs & Sweeping

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**Street Sweeping parking enforcement has been suspended until further notice!** 

Major Street Repairs

Major street repairs and maintenance of public streets are handled by the Engineering Division.  Such issues would be street construction, rehabilitation or resurfacing projects, or the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program which works to resolve large scale sidewalk repair. Pardon Our Repairs is a list of current major street repairs in San Clemente.

Contact Engineering: | Phone:  361-6119

Minor Street Repairs

The Maintenance Services Division handles minor street repairs and maintenance of public streets, including alleys.  Such issues would be potholes, small curb and/or gutter deficiencies, individual sidewalk repairs at specific locations.

Contact Maintenance Services: | Phone:  361-8317

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance

Background:  The California Streets and Highways Code requires that property owners maintain the sidewalk area adjacent to their properties. This area includes the sidewalk and any parkway strips between the curb and the property line. If a property owner fails to maintain the sidewalk area, the City can perform the work and then collect the cost from the property owner.

Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program:  To assist property owners on public streets with repair of sidewalks and to improve safety for pedestrians using sidewalks, the City has a Sidewalk Repair Partnership Program where the City and property owner each pay 50% of the cost to repair sections of sidewalks that City inspectors have identified as needing repair. The City’s Municipal Code requires sections of sidewalks to be repaired when they are found to be a trip hazard or pose a potential safety hazard to the public as defined in the City’s Comprehensive Sidewalk Policy No. 801-1.

Downtown Sidewalk Cleaning:  To assist with maintaining clean sidewalk in the downtown area, the City pressure cleans the following sidewalks:

  • 100 and 200 block of Avenida Del Mar, both sides of street
  • El Camino Real between Avenida Palizada and Avenida Presidio, both sides
  • El Camino Real to the first alley on Avenida Victoria, Avenida Granada, Avenida Cabrillo, Avenida Serra, Avenida Miramar and Avenida Palizada
  • Avenida Victoria from Monterey Lane to Coronado Lane on the inland side
  • Avenida Victoria/Del Mar nexus Pier entrance on the ocean side

This pressure cleaning is done twice a year, once before summer and once after the annual Fiesta block party in August.

Street Sweeping:

**Street Sweeping parking enforcement has been suspended until further notice!**

Master Street Sweeping Schedule allows you to look up the sweeping schedule for your street. Only residential Public streets are included. If your property is part of a homeowners association (HOA) then contact your HOA for details on street sweeping.

Street Sweeping Calendars are available for the following “sign posted” areas:

2020 Calendars

Following are in Spanish

Sweeping of all City residential posted and non-posted streets twice per month, Commercial, Industrial, Arterial, Parking Lot and Median sweeping once to 3 times per week. Administration of contractual parking enforcement in connection with street sweeping.  The Contractual Street Sweeper operation reports directly to the Contract Maintenance Coordinator who reports directly to the Maintenance Operations Supervisor.

Please follow the instructions provided on the back of the citation.
Contact Utility Billing at 361-8315 or you can pay online using

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Street Sweeping Courtesy Notice Legal Disclaimer: This service is a courtesy reminder. It may take up to two weeks to activate. The enrollee is responsible for notifying the City if they are not receiving reminders or receiving them inaccurately. The city will not be held liable for any financial obligations occurring as a result of the information provided in this alert or as a result of an alert not being received on schedule. It is the responsibility of the resident to check and adhere to posted street signs in ticketed areas for the most current street sweeping schedule.