Neighborhood Beach Watch

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What is Neighborhood Beach Watch?

Neighborhood Beach Watch (NBW) is a community partnership to help create safer beaches including free training for the public on how to recognize ocean dangers, swimmers in distress, and what to do about it. Participants will be taught techniques normally only taught to lifeguards with a goal of making our beaches safer and helping to save lives.

Help Save a Life - Free Training!

Thousands of people visit the beach daily – all can help save lives. Come learn tips and secrets not normally taught to the public, with emphasis on safe ways to assist others without becoming a victim yourself!

Observe, Report, Respond…

Become part of a group of trained surfers, swimmers, and beachgoers dedicated to assisting others and saving lives.

Regardless of swimming or surfing ability, everyone plays a part in making our community safer.
Learn “Secrets of the Lifeguards”

Learn techniques normally only taught to lifeguards, including:

  • How to recognize rip currents
  • 20 signs of someone in distress
  • How to call for help
  • How to safely use surfboards and body boards as rescue tools
  • How to assist injured swimmers & surfers

Find out more:

NBW Handout
Click Here to email questions, or you can call (949) 361-8261 for information on our next training class or meeting.