Emergency Planning

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Welcome to Emergency Planning
The Emergency Planning Program provides emergency preparedness and administrative services in support of the City and it's residents and visitors. These services include:

  • Preparing and maintaining the City of San Clemente’s Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan
  • Maintaining the City Emergency Operations Center and communications equipment
  • Training City staff who may be called upon to serve in time of disaster
  • Assisting the City Manager with issues relating to emergency services
  • Conducting emergency exercises in coordination with county, state, and federal agencies
  • Working with other government agencies to develop and maintain integrated emergency plans for response to an incident at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)
  • Assisting individuals and community organizations to become prepared for a disaster
  • Promote and use AlertOC, the City’s Community Mass Notification System (

Potential Hazards for the City of San Clemente

The City of San Clemente is vulnerable to a variety of natural and man-made disasters. Learn about these hazards and how to prepare for them by clicking on the links below:

City of San Clemente Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan

The City of San Clemente Emergency Plan provides the framework for responding to major emergencies or disasters. The goals of this plan are to outline a strategy to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency or disaster that affects the City. In order to facilitate meeting these goals, the plan:

  • Identifies potential hazards that form the basis for the emergency plan
  • Identifies authorities and assigns responsibilities to the appropriate agencies
  • Identifies other jurisdictions and organizations with which planning and emergency response activities are coordinated
  • Establishes an organizational structure to manage the emergency response
  • Outlines preplanned response actions to be taken by emergency personnel to mitigate the effects of a disaster
  • Outlines a process of disseminating emergency information and instructions to the public
  • Describes the resources available to support emergency response activities
  • Establishes responsibilities for maintaining the overall City emergency preparedness program
  • Provides the basis for initial training and subsequent retraining of emergency workers

For more information contact:

Stephen Foster, Emergency Planning Coordinator, (949) 361-6109