Mandatory Restrictions on Water Waste

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We thank you, our customers, for doing a tremendous job saving water in response to California’s historic drought. We appreciate all you have done to reduce water use and congratulate you for becoming the efficient water customers you are today. 

While our agency no longer has a specific state-mandated conservation standard, there is a movement in the California legislature to "make conservation a way of life." Through efficient water usage, we can do our part to comply with statewide regulations, keep water in storage, and minimize reductions in water allocations in the future.


Current Restrictions on Water Waste

On June 20, 2017 the City Council removed the City's Level 2 Water Alert.  However, certain water conservation regulations are in effect year-round, regardless of whether or not a water supply shortage level has been declared by the City.  There are also additional, specific regulations that apply if a water supply shortage level has been declared.  For complete regulations, and regulations for the current water supply level, please refer to Ordinance 13.12.050.

Year Round Restrictions June 2017

City of San Clemente Water Conservation Ordinance

The City's full Water Conservation Ordinance can be found here: Water conservation ordinance.


San Clemente Water Supply Reliability Self-Certification

In May 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) adopted new drought regulations and asked water agencies to set their own conservation standards based on local supplies. 

This section contains information regarding the City of San Clemente's Self-Certification of Supply Reliability for three additional years of drought, including underlying analysis and supporting documents pursuant to the SWRCB regulations.

Click here for the City of San Clemente's self-certification documents filed with the SWRCB.

Reminder: Water is a precious resource that comes from many limited sources near and far, and it is important that we all conserve, use water efficiently, and avoid waste to preserve our water supply for the future.


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