GCI's/HGI's Minimum Requirements

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For quick reference please see the minimum plan submittal requirements below:

  1. All plans should be submitted by a registered/licensed architect/engineer in the State of California, with stamp and City of San Clemente Building Department Plan/Project number.Submit two sets of minimum 24” x 36” plans.
  2. Submit two sets of minimum 24” x 36” plans.
  3. Include a Site Plan with the FSE name, address, street name(s), North arrow, and showing existing underground utilities.
  4. Plumbing plan 'P' sheet(s) with grease waste line(s) marked 'GW', sanitary line(s) marked with an 'S'.
  5. Complete a Plumbing Vent and Waste Diagram including Isometric showing line/vent sizes.
  6. Floor plan with Kitchen Equipment Schedule specifying which fixtures will drain to the Grease Control device.
  7. City approved Gravity Grease Interceptor specification drawing copied onto submittal.
  8. GGI/HGI manufacturer, size, make, GPM flow rate, model number and proposed location of Grease Control device shown on site plan or floor plan. 
  9. Interceptor with a maximum size of 2000 gallons. All installations of smaller under sink  HGI’s are required to be vented and will require a downstream clean-out, an upstream manufacturer approved flow control device and comply with all sizing and other requirements as noted in the UPC.

Please note:  Gravity Grease Interceptors as defined by the Uniform Plumbing Code and City of San Clemente are minimum sized 750 gallons, are remotely located and are not the smaller under-sink or in kitchen HGI’s. HGI’s are allowed by the City of San Clemente under certain conditions. The Orange County Health Department also needs to review all plans pertaining to the installation of any Grease Control device. Garbage and food grinders are prohibited and if an HGI is approved, it must meet the FOG Plan Review requirements, including the installation of a UPC approved flow control device and a downstream clean out.

ECIS shall also be contacted for a field inspection of any installed Grease Control device. The City of San Clemente Building Inspectors will perform an inspection as usual of all other plumbing related issues in the field. ECIS will conduct an inspection of the Grease Control device only.

Please contact ECIS if you have any questions pertaining to City of San Clemente FOG Program requirements or FOG Plan Review requirements at (949) 481-8826 or email