Speed Limits

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The California Vehicle Code (CVC) and the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) govern the criteria for establishment of speed limits in local municipalities. For speed limits to be valid and enforceable, the CVC requires that an Engineering and Traffic Survey (E&TS) be conducted every five years (or seven or ten years depending on specific street criteria) in order to justify posted speed limits for non-statutory streets. Per state law, speed limits are established at the nearest 5 mph increment of a surveyed 85th percentile speed (speed at which 85 percent of surveyed vehicles travel at or below). Based on factors such as accident rate, roadside conditions, etc., speed limits may be slightly reduced from the nearest 85th percentile 5 mph increment citing provisions contained in the CVC/CA MUTCD. A link to the current Speed Limits E&TS can be viewed here: