Sign Ordinance

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As described in the general provision of Title 17 of the San Clemente Municipal Code, the Sign Ordinance is intended to promote an aesthetically pleasing environment. Signs are an important and necessary means of communication. When properly regulated, signs can serve as a great economic and aesthetic asset. They can be lively, colorful, and exciting. In enacting the sign ordinance, it is the City's intent to promote attractive signage and streetscapes, facilitate way-finding and traffic safety, promote commerce, and to comprehensively address community aesthetic concerns about visual clutter and visual blight in the environment. 

The City's sign regulation shall be consistent with land use patterns, and signs shall add to rather than detract from the architecture of the buildings where they are located. Signs shall be well maintained and, in addition, shall not create traffic safety hazards. 

The Planning application for a Sign Permit can be found here.