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Final Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

The Final Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (SLRVA) has been drafted and will be presented at a public hearing to the City Council on November 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm at City Hall Council Chamber, 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente, California.  The City Council will consider a resolution authorizing submittal of the SLRVA to the California Coastal Commission for filing. 

Draft Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

The draft Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (SLRVA) public review and comment period from August 1 through Monday, September 23, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Please click here for the draft SLRVA. The basic elements of the SLRVA include:

  • Identification and mapping of potential future sea level rise hazards;
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of development and resources in the Coastal Zone; and
  • Identification of a range of adaptation strategies to minimize effects from Sea Level Rise and improve coastal resiliency in San Clemente.

Key Upcoming Dates for the SLRVA:

  • 8/1/19 – Release of draft SLRVA for public review and comment
  • 8/7/19 – Presentation to the San Clemente Planning Commission
  • 8/8/19 – Presentation to the San Clemente Coastal Advisory Committee
  • 9/23/19 – Public Comment period on SLRVA end
  • 11/5/19 – Presentation to the San Clemente City Council

Following the conclusion of the SLRVA public review period and a public hearing before the City Council, it is anticipated that the SLRVA will be submitted to the California Coastal Commission as the final work product of a Local Coastal Program (LCP) Planning Grant awarded to the City.  The City is also preparing a companion Coastal Resiliency Plan that will build upon the findings and recommendations contained in the SLRVA.

The City is also preparing a companion document called a Coastal Resiliency Plan (funded in part by a $75,000 LCP planning grant awarded in 2018) which is intended to provide the City with a range of options and adaptation strategies for improving resiliency in the City. The Draft Coastal Resiliency Plan will be available for public review in 2020.

California Coastal Commission Review of Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA)

Staff submitted a focused Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) to the California Coastal Commission in December 2018. The LUPA would modify the LUP relating to the start date for calculating cumulative changes to an existing structure relative to the “Major Remodel” definition contained in Chapter 7 of the Certified LUP. The California Coastal Commission must take action on the City’s pending LUPA by June 2020. Please click here for the LUPA

Local Coastal Program Overview

On August 10, 2018, the Coastal Commission certified the City’s comprehensive LUP update. To view the final certified LUP, click the following link.

The LUP is the first piece of a Local Coastal Program (LCP). The adoption of a new LCP will give the City more control over approving projects within the City’s Coastal Zone and will streamline the Coastal Development Permit review process for applicants. The City’s LCP consists of (1) a LUP and (2) a Local Implementation Plan (IP or LIP) (i.e., zoning ordinances and maps) which together meet the Coastal Act requirements and implement its provisions and policies within the City.  While the  LUP is complete and certified by the CCC, the City’s Draft IP is in  development and is anticipated to be available for public review and comment in 2020.

The City received a second LCP Planning Grant in the amount of $135,000 from the CCC in 2017 to prepare a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (SLRVA)  to identify facilities and infrastructure along the coast that may be at risk in the future with rising sea levels.  The Draft SLRVA is available for public review and comment from August 1 through September 23, 2019.


In 2014, the City initiated work on a Comprehensive Land Use Plan (LUP) Update after being awarded a $90,000 Local Coastal Program (LCP) grant from the Coastal Commission to support the effort. City staff worked to develop a draft LUP and conducted multiple public meetings and hearings to solicit public input on the LUP update. The LUP carries over General Plan policies related to coastal zone, including the Pier Bowl area, and expands upon goals and policies for coastal planning and implementation.

In February 2016, the City submitted the City Council approved LUP to the California Coastal Commission (CCC). Following the formal submittal, City staff and CCC staff coordinated on a regular basis over a period of two years to review and discuss CCC staff proposed changes to the City’s LUP. Discussions focused on both non-substantive changes such as typographical changes, minor edits, changes to figures and chapter reorganizations as well as substantive policy changes. The final changes to the document recommended by CCC staff are known as the suggested modifications. On February 8 2018, the CCC approved the comprehensive LUP with suggested modifications. At its June 12, 2018 public hearing, the City Council approved and adopted the LUP update as modified and approved by the CCC. Then, the CCC certified the LUP on August 8, 2018.

The City is now preparing a Draft IP for public review, City Council consideration and adoption, and Coastal Commission certification. With the completion of the IP process, the IP will function as the City’s zoning ordinance for the coastal zone, including the Pier Bowl Specific Plan area.


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