Verizon Macro Site

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Name: Verizon Macro Site
Cases: CUP 19-334
Address: 380 Avenida Pico
Status: Under Review
Description: A request to construct a new monopalm cellular tower with accompanying ground mounted equipment in the City owned water treatment facility property at 380 Ave. Pico. The parcel is zoned as Public and is within the Coastal Zone overlay and the West Pico Corridor Specific Plan.
Acreage: N/A
Applicant: Jacobs Engineering Group for Verizon Wireless
Approval:  N/A
Hearing Date:  TBD
Coastal Commission Review:  Required
Project Planner: Jonathon Lightfoot
Planner contact: LightfootJ, (949)388-2320

 Verizon monopalm elevation

Verizon monopalm site plan