Street Sweeping Comfirmation

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Step 2:  Confirmation of Street Sweeping Registration


You will receive a confirmation e-mail or text.  If you do not receive confirmation please return to the  

Return to the signup page and re-enter your information.

Please allow two weeks for the system to begin sending notifications.

Email questions about Street Sweeping Notification to

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Street Sweeping Courtesy Notice Legal Disclaimer:

This service is a courtesy reminder.  It may take up to two weeks to activate.  The enrollee is responsible for notifying the City if they are not receiving reminders or receiving them inaccurately.  The city will not be held liable for any financial obligations occurring as a result of the information provided in this alert or as a result of an alert not being received on schedule. It is the responsibility of the resident to check and adhere to posted street signs in ticketed areas for the most current street sweeping schedule.