Adoption & Licensing

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Animal Adoption:                                                        

To adopt your new pet the first step would be to visit the animals at the shelter, find one that tugs at your heart. Go to the front office to get more information. Adoption fees are as follows:

 Dog Adoption - $125.00
*Prices may vary for highly adoptable animals
 Dog Adoption Application

 Cat Adoption - $100.00
 Kitten Adoption (under 4 months of age) - $150.00
 Cat Adoption Application

 Rabbits are $45.00 and other small animal adoption fees vary.
 Rabbit, Bird and Small Animal Adoption Application

An adoption application must be completed prior to all adoptions. Remember, research the breed and animal you're about to adopt! If you would like to view our pets on-line, please click below.


Animal Licensing:


  • If your dog gets lost, a license tag on your dog's collar is the fastest way to reunite you and your dog. Even if your dog is micro-chipped, a license tag is immediately visible and doesn't require a scanning device to read it, like a microchip does.
  • Licensing, unlike microchipping, lets people know that your canine companion has received required vaccinations that protect your dog from rabies. If you own a dog four (4) months of age or older, you must obtain a rabies vaccination immediately to ensure the health and well being of your pet.
  • The fee you pay for your Dog License and license renewal keeps your city's animal shelter going. It is one of the primary sources of revenue for Animal Care and Control, so it can continue to provide its unique services to all the citizens of San Clemente and Dana Point, from finding new homes for unclaimed or surrendered pets to keeping neighborhoods safe from aggressive dogs, from caring for animals whose owners have died to teaching good pet care to school children.
  • Your dog's Dog License shows that you are a responsible dog caregiver. When you walk your dog or let your dog run in designated areas, people will notice the license on your dog's collar and know that you really care about your dog's welfare. Dogs without licenses carry a stigma of owner neglect.
  • It's the law in California. Living in San Clemente or Dana Point brings many lifestyle advantages and cultural rewards, but it also carries some obligations. Among these is the payment of fees for municipal services. 

Animal licensing is an essential part of Animal Care and Control in our community. We currently contract all of our licensing services through Pet Data. To license online:

The following is a listing of our participating veterinary offices that offer licensing applications on site. Click Here!