Street Lights, Traffic Signals & Street Signs

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Traffic Signals:

The City owns the majority of the traffic signals within the City limits.  The Maintenance Services division's Electrical Section works in conjunction with the Engineering division to set City owned traffic signal timing for the most efficient traffic flow.

Contact Maintenance Services: | Phone: (949) 361-8317

Traffic signals located by freeway on-ramps and off-ramps belong to CalTrans.

Contact Caltrans:| (949) 936-3600

Street Lights:

The City owns and maintains approximately 3,900 street lights. The Maintenance Services division's Electrical Section is responsible for repairing, shielding and the installation of the City owned street lights. 

Contact Maintenance Services: | Phone: (949) 361-8317

If the street light is on a private street please contact your HOA

Street Signs & Other Lighting:

The Maintenance Services division maintains approximately 300 illuminated street name signs, numerous lights and electrical equipment at the City parks and trails, as well as the City's numerous facilities. 

Contact Maintenance Services: | Phone: (949) 361-8317