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Ambulance Subscription

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Emergency Medical Transportation Service is provided by the City of San Clemente.

As a subscriber of this service, emergency transportation will be provided to the nearest Emergency Hospital Receiving Center.This service is available to you and to all legal dependents of your household for $40.00 per year.

What it is:

  1. An alternative to the high costs of private emergency medical transportation.
  2. A service that covers you and all legal dependent members of your household as many times as emergency service is needed during the year.
  3. Available only to residents of San Clemente.  Service provided must occur within the area normally served by the San Clemente Fire Authority. 


Routine transfers from hospital to hospital, from home to hospital for non-emergency treatment, or to doctors’ offices are not covered.

How the system works:

When 911 is called, transportation will be provided to the nearest Emergency Hospital Receiving Center.  Your insurance, Medicare or Medi-Cal, will be billed and if you are a subscriber to this low cost emergency service, fees not covered by your insurance are covered under the subscription.  If you are not a subscriber, the usual fees for emergency transportation services will be due and payable.

EMT/Ambulance Service:
  Residents = $704.61*

Paramedic Service:
  Residents = $1,091.96*

*Plus mileage $16.87/mile and the actual cost of any supplies. 

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