Landscape Guidelines and Review

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Plan Review

Certain discretionary projects require proposed landscaping to be reviewed by the City’s Landscape Consultant. Make sure you fulfill all of the landscape plan submittal requirements prior to submittal to the Planning Division. All landscape plan reviews require the submittal of a completed landscape transmittal sheet and a fee based per sheet quantity and size.



Implementing the approved landscape plan will be one of the last stages of the construction project. Prior to requesting a final project landscape inspection by the City's Landscape Consultant, the Project Landscape Architect of record shall provide confirmation in writing that at the minimum the following items are addressed and completed (Landscape Inspection Checklist). Additionally, the applicant is required to provide a letter of substantial conformance with regard to the implementation of the approved landscape plan when requesting an appointment. These items and the fee for the landscape inspection are required before the City's Landscape Consultant can perform the inspection (weekends and holidays excluded).


Master Landscape Plan for Scenic Corridors


The purpose of the Master Landscape Plan for Scenic Corridors is to establish a unified landscape program for the scenic highways in San Clemente that link the existing City with the four inland ranch areas. The plan determines specific plant materials along specific scenic corridors. It is the intent of the plan to provide objective design and evaluation criteria to utilize when landscaping land adjacent to or affecting scenic highways.

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