Development Information

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Accessory Dwelling Units 

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) provide complete independent living facilities for sleeping, eating, and sanitation. ADUs are either attached to, or located within, the proposed or existing primary dwelling, including attached garages, storage areas, or similar uses or an accessory structure or detached from the proposed or existing primary dwelling and located on the same lot as the proposed or exiting primary single-family or multi-family dwelling. For information on development standards, fees, the review process, and submittal requirements, click this LINK.

Design Guidelines

The City of Sun Clemente Design Guidelines are used to evaluate proposed development projects that require a discretionary permit or a public hearing process. For other projects, the Design Guidelines is a reference document that identifies desired design principles. All property owners, developers, and design professionals are encouraged to carefully review the Design Guidelines before beginning planning and design studies, and to consult with the City's Community Development staff if there are questions.These guidelines can be accessed by this LINK.

Landscape Guidelines and Review Process

Landscape plans are required for certain projects. When required, plans are reviewed for consistency with landscaping standards to enhance the appearance of developments, increase the compatibility between different land uses, reduce the heat and glare generated by development, and protect public health, safety and welfare by minimizing the impacts of soil erosion and visual pollution and promoting water conservation. For details on plan reviews, inspections, and landscape corridor guidelines, click this LINK

Short-Term Lodging Units

Short-Term Lodging Units (STLUs) and Short-Term Apartment Rentals (STARs) are lodging units occupied for 29 or fewer consecutive calendar days. These uses are allowed in certain areas of the City according to operation, permitting, and density limitations. For more details, click this LINK.