Weed Abatement

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In April of every year the City will mail each property owner of undeveloped property a notice of the annual weed abatement hearing, and an order to abate their property of weeds and debris no later than May 15th. The property needs to be cleared of weeds and debris, and kept in this manner throughout the year. Weeds need to be cut to 1" or lower.

If a property owner does not clear their vacant parcel by May 15, the City Weed Abatement Contractor will clear the property between May 15 and July 1. The property owner will then be billed the amount the City pays for clearing, and an appropriate administrative fee. The intent of the program is to limit fire hazard and mitigate nuisance.

If a property owner chooses not to pay his bill a report is made to City Council with a resolution that authorizes the charges to be sent to the County Assessor as a special assessment lien against the property. This resolution is then sent to the County in August.