Current Projects

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The map of active projects includes all CIP and maintenance projects that have been approved and budgeted by the City Council, in current or previous year(s). These projects are in different phases, as identified on the map, such as Planning, Design, Construction or Complete.  This map is updated quarterly to reflect the projects status.

The Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Section provides environmental engineering services, engineering and public facilities design, administration and construction of public works and projects, including infrastructure, CIP and replacement projects.

Online Development Project Map

An interactive online mapping tool that provides updated information about San Clemente development projects.  The mapping tool identifies development projects geographically and by development status such as under review, approved, under construction, or recently completed.  The public can navigate the map geographically, obtain detailed project information and view project renderings.  The map also provides the boundary of the City’s federally designated Opportunity Zone in North Beach. 

Pier Bowl Specific Plan Update

The City updated the Pier Bowl Specific Plan for consistency with the General Plan and Coastal Land Use Plan (LUP) and adopted General Plan map clean up amendments.

Shorecliffs Via Ballena Storm Drain Project

The case of Arriola v. City of San Clemente, et al. arises from a dramatic slope failure that occurred on January 6, 2011. The slope that failed is within Cascadita Canyon and is immediately adjacent to 12 single family residences that front on Via Ballena. The slope failure immediately undermined and eliminated lateral support to the backyards and houses of those 12 homes. The slope that failed descends to the bottom of Cascadita Canyon and both the bottom of the canyon and the slope were owned by Shorecliffs Golf Course. The 5th and 6th holes of the golf course were located within the canyon. Via Ballena and all of the utilities in that area (water supply lines, storm drain lines, sewer lines) are owned and maintained by the City. This project will install a new, large storm drain box culvert to convey run off through the golf course property to the existing drainage channel at Via Cascadita. After the new storm drain is installed, the affected slope will be rebuilt. The new storm drain box channel has been completed from Via Cascadita up to just downstream of the I-5 freeway. A shorter open channel section is in final design and construction will occur this summer to complete that connection. The slopes and terrace drains have been completed. Final landscaping including the required wetland area will be constructed in Summer/Fall.     

Small Wireless Facilities

The City is updating the City’s Zoning Code to better regulate small wireless telecommunications facilities (“small cells”), in response to recent changes in Federal regulations that limit the City’s local control over small cell permitting.