Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission

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Streger, Steve

Steve Streger
  • Departments:Beaches Parks & Recreation
  • Divisions:Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Title:Chair
  • Phone:(949) 361-8237
  • Email:
  • Elected and Appointed OfficialsNo
Civic Background:

I have been a Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commissioner here in San Clemente since 2008.  Prior to that, I held a similar post with the City of Aliso Viejo from 1999-2003.  I have also served as a liaison and chief officer for Newport Beach’s adult soccer program from 2008-2015.  I have served as a delegate to the HOA Board of Directors for my neighborhood in San Clemente, as well as a block captain for the Neighborhood Watch Program.  I am currently employed as a Staff Attorney for the Orange County Superior Court.

Personal Note: I was born and raised in Orange County, spending most of my formative years on South Orange County soccer fields and sandy beaches.  I graduated with honors from Capo Valley High School, and then from U.C. Irvine (with a degree in psychology).  I have a law degree from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, having graduated summa cum laude.  Despite a busy career as an attorney since 1995, I have always enjoyed public service.  As a South OC native, I am deeply invested in, and committed to, the future of our community.
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What is the purpose of the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission?
The purpose of the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission is to (A) act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to parks, beaches, recreation, parkways and street trees; (B) consider the annual budget for parks, beaches, recreation, parkways, and street trees during the preparation of the annual budget and make recommendations with respect thereto to the City Council and City Manager; (C) assist in the planning of parks and coordinate recreation programs for the public, promote and stimulate public interests therein, and to that end solicit, to the fullest extent possible, the cooperation of all public and private agencies interested therein; (D) evaluate and review park development plans of the City; and, (E) perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the City Council.

When and where do they meet?
The Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission meets on the second Tuesdays of each month at City Hall, 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente, in the Council Chambers at 6:00 p.m.

How can I present my comments to the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission?
The Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission represents the citizens of San Clemente. Public input is important in its decision-making process for recommendations to the City Council. You may contact the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission by mail by writing to City staff or to the Commission directly, by FAX, mail drop box, City e-mail, attending its monthly meeting and speaking by public input section of the agenda.

Who is on the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission and how do they get their positions?
The Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council. A two-year term is served. Appointments are staggered, appointing three (3) Commissioners one year and four (4) Commissioners appointed the following year. Appointments expire on June 30 with new appointments commencing on July 1st.

I want to speak at a Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting. What do I do?
To speak at a Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, complete a form found in the rear of the meeting room and list your name, address, and the topic of interest. You may speak on a topic listed on the agenda or simply speak under public input.

How can I serve on the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission?
To become a member of the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission, citizens are asked to file an application with the City Clerk, prior to an interview and selection by the City Council. These selections normally occur in June of each year, or at other times when an vacancy on the Commission occurs. For more information on applications for Parks & Recreation Commission please send an email to for more information.

How do I get an agenda or minutes of the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings?
Agenda and minutes are available on the City’s website under the links at left. You may also call (949) 361-8237 or drop by the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Department administration is located at 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, 92672.

Where do I find out more information about the Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission
You are welcome to e-mail at or call us for more information at (949) 361-8237.