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In addition to its world renowned beaches and golf, San Clemente has 5 major trail networks detailed below that span the City from the beach, up the canyons, and along the ridgelines. These trails have been designed to provide a safe walking, hiking and riding experience while maintaining San Clemente’s coastal rural environment. The ridgeline trails provide spectacular views of the coast in both directions and pristine coastal canyons in adjacent wildlife reserves. San Clemente is a rare Orange County coastal City that is bordered on two sides by protected wild lands. Deer, coyote, and bobcats are common as is a full compliment of local and seasonal bird life.

Can I bring my bike/dog/horse? Bikes are welcome on all trails. Dogs are allowed but must be leashed and owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Horses are currently allowed on the Forster Ridgeline, Prima Deshecha, and Cristianitos Trails.

Additional Local Trails: Talega Community Trails | State Park Connections

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All Trails Map

The Beach Trail is a popular 2.3 mile long trail connects North Beach to Calafia Beach with stops along the way at the Pier and T-Street. With the expectation of very popular summertime use by walkers, joggers, cyclists, and dog owners, the City of San Clemente wants to ensure that all trail users have a safe and enjoyable experience.


  • Bicycles please yield to pedestrians. Walk bikes in marked areas, and limit your speed to under 10mph. No motorized vehicles allowed.
  • Dogs must be on a 6 foot leash or shorter, and are not permitted on the beach. Please pick up after your dog.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the trail or beach.
  • Please use designated railroad crossings.
  • Portions of the trail are ADA Accessible: North Beach to Mariposa and Linda Lane to Pier.


Bicyclist’s Tips: Please use caution when approaching and passing other trail users. The use of bike bells or a friendly “On Your Left” to let others know your intentions are recommended. Honor the designated “Walk Bike Zones” in place during the busy Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day Weekend time frame. Please do not obstruct portions of the trail with your bicycle, and of course, be considerate of other trail users.

Dog Owner Tips: With so many people using the trail, it is very important to keep your pet on a 6 foot (or shorter) leash and remember to pick up after your pet. The City makes this convenient for pet owners by providing disposable bags and waste containers along the trail. Realize that cyclists and runners will be passing you along the trail which may startle your pet. Please honor the “No Dog Zones” in the Pier Area on July 4th and Ocean Festival Weekend (third weekend in July).

All Trail Users: Please display courtesy and consideration for other trail users. Follow rules and regulations intended to provide for a safe and enjoyable trail experience. This is your trail, take some time to help pick up trash along the way, report damage or safety concerns to the City, and enjoy this wonderful trail along the beautiful San Clemente coast. Remember that trail hours are 4 a.m. to midnight, except on the segment from the south T-Street restrooms to Calafia Beach where the hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rail Corridor Trespassing: It is very important that pedestrians remain on the trail at all times. Pedestrians are prohibited from trespassing into the rail corridor, which is owned by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Right-of-way enforcement by OCTA’s officers will begin in June and trespassers will be cited for violations.

We hope you’ll visit the trail and use it often. For more information on the Coastal Trail, please call the City of San Clemente’s Beaches, Parks & Recreation Department at (949)361-8264

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