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Status of City’s Zoning Map in the Coastal Zone

The zoning map contains several amendments that were adopted by the City Council in November 2015 (Ordinances 1609, 1610). The map changes were primarily made to commercial and mixed-use zones. Some of the code and map changes occurred within the Coastal Zone. These changes are included in a City application that is in process with the Coastal Commission for the adoption of a Local Coastal Program (LCP). Until this review process is complete, development standards and maps are subject to change.  The Coastal Commission may approve all or part of the development standard and map changes that the City Council adopted in November 2015.  If the Coastal Commission recommends changes, and the City Council adopts them, this could potentially affect projects that are proposed and being processed prior to the adoption of the Local Coastal Program (LCP). It is advised that property owners and applicants consider this for project planning purposes.

Specific Plans

For some City areas (mostly east of I-5), the Zoning Map may show properties are in a Specific Plan (also commonly known as Master Plans or Area Plans), such as Forster Ranch, Marblehead Coastal, Marblehead Inland, Rancho San Clemente, Talega, and West Pico Corridor. If a property is within a Specific Plan area, you need to refer to the land use map in the Specific Plan to identify the zoning or land use of a property. Specific Plan properties are shaded grey on the Zoning map with the Specific Plan name labeled on the zoning map page (for a list of specific plans, see below). Specific Plan land use maps may be accessed by the links below. 

What are Specific Plans?

Specific Plans identify development standards, design guidelines, and other long-range planning information for a certain sub-area of the City. Specific Plans may be accessed by this LINK for standards and guidelines.

Zoning Maps for Specific Plan properties