Over the past several years, Orange County has seen an increase in homelessness.  The City of San Clemente along with other cities are focusing on ways to provide appropriate resources for those that are in need of assistance.  The City is required to comply with State and Federal laws when addressing the impacts of homelessness and to ensure the safety of those providing access to help and to those receiving it.

The City has received many inquires from residents asking about what types of resources and services are being provided to the City’s homeless and the steps being taken to address their concerns.  As part of the City’s ongoing effort to reduce homelessness and to address the concern of residents, the City has partnered with Mercy House, a homeless outreach provider, to better understand the needs of the homeless within the community.  Mercy House staff will work closely with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to provide outreach and case management for homeless individuals and families they encounter.  They will also provide the appropriate resources for those in need of assistance.  In addition to the City’s partnership with Mercy House, the City is working diligently with various local non-profit organizations to continue meeting the ongoing needs for those experiencing homelessness.

For more information on the best practices for assisting the homeless living within the community, please see the link below on Responsible Compassion.  A link with additional resources has also been provided for those that are in need of assistance.

Do’s and Don’ts of Responsible Compassion

Resources for Those in Need

Homeless Referral Business Card

Please see the links below for additional resources:

Orange County Services and Programs:

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Behavioral and Mental Health

County Shelter Programs
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