Code Compliance Services

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Phone: (949) 366-4705
Graffiti Hotline: (949) 361-8385

San Clemente’s Code Compliance Program is commissioned to work to protect property values, preserve the integrity of neighborhood environments resulting in a higher quality of life; maintain a spirit of cooperation with members of the community by encouraging voluntary compliance through education and strive to maintain positive public relations while pursuing the abatement of land-use violations. This is accomplished through responding to complaints in a timely fashion, requiring violators to comply, within the confines of the law, according to well established City policies and Procedures. The City’s Code Compliance Officers respond to a variety of community concerns about how a property is used or maintained. 

Common Violations Reported To Code Compliance

  Parking of oversized vehicles – RV’s, boats, trailers    Commercial and residential lighting   
  Commercial signage   Fence height  
  Unlicensed businesses   Home businesses  
  Disabled parking space maintenance
  Illegal dumping of debris  
  Accumulation of debris
  Weeds on private property
  Sub-standard housing complaints
  Unpermitted apartment units
  Graffiti control
  Sub-standard housing complaints
  Inoperable vehicles      

How does Code Compliance work?

It begins with a complaint. A case is then created, a Code Compliance Officer is dispatched within 48 hours to the property in question and performs an investigation. If a violation exists a Correction Notice is issued. If corrective action is not completed at the expiration of the Correction Notice, the City may issue an Administrative Citation or use other abatement procedures within the Municipal Code. The success of the Code Compliance Program depends, in large, upon each citizen acting as a good neighbor.