Current City Construction Projects

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 Updated 6/13/18     
 Bonito Canyon & Vista Bahia Park Restroom Rehab Shawn Ryan    Fall 2018
 Calle Redondel Storm Drain Improvements Amir Ilkhanipour  September 2018 
 Pico Rehabilitation (Presidio to La Pata) Tom Frank June 2018 
 Arterial Street Pavement Maintenance for Avenida La Pata (Calle Saluda to Ave. Pico) + Ave. Vista Hermosa (Ave. La Pata to Ave. Pico) Tom Frank  July 2018 
Street Rehabilitation for Ave. Palizada (Calle Puente to Calle Seville), Project Nos. 17340 and Street Rehabilitation for Ave. Presidio (Calle Cortez to Ave. Salvador), Ave. Salvador (Ave. Presidio to Calle Malaguena) and Calle Miguel (Ave. Presidio to Ave. La Cuesta), Project No. 17341 Tom Frank   June 2018 
Shorecliffs Middle School Safe Routes to School Pedestrian + Bicycle Improvements, Project No. 17327 Tom Frank  September 2018